Because I am a flexitarian that leans towards vegetarianism, people always ask, “Where do you get your protein?”

My response is:
a. Most of us eat too much of the wrong kind of protein! If you are eating protein from a source that was grown or raised with pesticides or artificial chemicals you are not going to get scrumptious life-affirming benefits. 

b. Protein isn’t the issue. Amino acids are because they are the building blocks of protein. It is super important to consume all the amino acids that the body makes and doesn’t make (complete proteins).

c. Most people overcook protein thereby changing its chemical composition so it no longer can do what it was intended to do.

So, what does this have to do with weight loss you might ask? Great question!

Consuming protein is not one of the most important nutrients in the weight loss journey and getting it in its best form cannot be overstated. The right kind of protein increases the appetite reducing hormones in your body, increases metabolism, and can help prevent weight regain. 

When helping people become a fat loss superhero, I don’t focus on protein as much as supporting the liver (more on this in an upcoming blog). However, I know that many people are passinate about protein so I want to make sure you get the best of what is out there.

So how can you access it in its most perfect form?

Eating protein in raw (heated below 115 degrees) that contains all the amino acids in perfect ratio is the best way to go. What I found was the most nutrient dense plant offered in its best form. I took it, experienced it, and then decided to share it with those wanting a protein fix to lose weight and gain optimal health. 

What is it?

All the beneficial parts of the moringa oleifera tree dehydrated at low temps, grown in the healthiest soil, harvested by hand, and shade grown.

It can be purchased from my site (hit shop at top right, Zija, and then weight management) or call me 206-499-1791 so I can recommend a plan based on your personal health goals and show you how to get it wholesale. I know you your body will begin to self correct like mine has. 

NOTE: I do make a commission on anything you purchase and I only recommend the best nutrition that I feel great about giving to my daughter and consuming myself.

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