Whidbey Walks Toward Wellness

Love Being in Your Body:
Clear your mind, enliven your body, and lift your spirit

if Do you want to jumpstart your healing power by addressing the root causes of weight gain, fatigue, brain fog, discontent, and physical pain?

Join me for Whidbey Walking Toward Wellness on the soothing waters of Maxwelton Beach. Sign up for a single class, the series, or an individual coaching (PURCHASE BUTTON AT THE BOTTOM).

EXPERIENCE:  Multi-sensory beach walks; yoga and conscious movement; medicinal energy codes and brain gym exercises, interactive learning; goal setting, declarations, and integration — all facilitated in a client-centered, interactive, and personalized environment.

 Learn strategies to love being in your body now with the following desired benefits:

  • Accept where you are now and jumpstart your journey to self-love
  • Increase your brain power, manage your thoughts, and experience more joy
  • Promote blood and energy circulation while healing cellular memory
  • Improve posture, increase flexibility, balance, and strength
  • Sleep deeper, let go of excess weight and/or pain, and become more of your True Self

All sessions will have a little bit of everything with the following focus areas:
Class 1: (Water Medicine)

Class 2: (Rewiring the brain and connecting with the body)

Class 3: (Medicinal Energy Codes)

Class 4:  (Nutrition to heal the head, heart, gut, and liver)

Class 5: (Sleep and movement medicine)

*Sign up for one class, the entire series, or an individualized coaching session in nature. To pay go to nutritionalstrategist@gmail.com on paypay. Thank you for sending via the friends and family tab. 

COST (SEE BUTTON BELOW): $50 per wellness walk, $35 per wellness walk when at least four classes are purchased, or $150 for an individual hour session. 

WEATHER: Rain or shine, unless it is pouring. If unsure, contact me at

WEAR/BRING: Layers of clothing, yoga mat (or sit on the sand), water or tea depending on the weather, a towel to wipe feet before departing, and a writing utensil and clipboard.

Walking Sticks $5 off at Whidbey Wonders for anyone who registers. 


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