I am a big believer in eating greens because they are sumptuous, nutritious, and inexpensive. Nevertheless, some people refuse because they aren’t used to eating bitter. I get it! When I started eating more diverse greens, I wasn’t sure that I liked the taste or would be able to make them a part of my everyday meal plan. I started by adding them to fruit and water in order to make a green smoothie. That even works for my daughter so I have included a bunch of green smoothie recipes in my cookbook. I also am willing to make greens less bitter to get someone to eat what they might otherwise refuse. Here is a tip for you when you are making kale chips for your loved ones or serving a side of your favorite cooked greens and you don’t have to do this forever – just until your body gets used to the taste. Start by soaking plants like arugula or kale in a bowl of ice water in the fridge for about an hour. Then run the leaves through your salad spinner several times with a chlorine-free paper towel to get them dry. Bitter is cut and nutrients remain. My mouth is watering just thinking about it. Enjoy! 

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