The Awakened Journey: Living a conscious, healthy, and sustainable life


1 year one-on-one coaching program.

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YOU ARE EXPANSIVE AND ALIVE! You are healthy, healed, abundant, joyful, courageous, confident, whole and integrated. You are the awakened journey because you love your life even when things aren’t “going your way”, feel good in your body, are the master of your brain, are excited to wake up in the morning and grateful that you fall asleep easily at night, experience passion and purpose, and ultimately take the action needed to get you where you want to be.  Are you willing to create this with my support?   This one-year one-on-one coaching program offers you a step by step process that leads you to create the life of your dreams by integrating the best nutrition strategies with ancient body wisdom practices while incorporating purpose and passion throughout your entire life.     This program offers:

  • 40 one on one 50 minute individual coaching sessions
  • 2 – hour long personal assessment exploration sessions
  • 2 virtual classes of your choosing (not to exceed $500)
  • Your Best Life Accelerated Goal Setting Sheet and success formula
  • 2 – 30 min emergency check-in calls a month
  • My book: Hidden Treasures: sneaking love and health into every bite
  • Synching to the Rhythms of Vibrant Health: Brain Wave Vibration Video
  • Access to a Facebook community – gain a tribe and get your questions answered
  • Accelerated Growth Immersion weekend, off-site your location (does not include your travel expenses or mine) or via Zoom
  • Other Mp3’s, documents, and videos as needed for support
  • Access to a special emergency email account
  • Recorded calls


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