6 Super Strategies for Saying Good Riddance to Fat


Fat reducing strategies guide.

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A 15-page guide that entails my tried and true strategies for letting go of unwanted body fat. This guide is available in three personalized levels (outlined below). You can select to do just one or multiples depending on where you’re at currently. Links to all three guides will be emailed to you with further instruction upon purchase.

Topics include:

  • Growls, gurgles and other odd noises
  • When the body tricks you
  • Taming the temptations
  • Eat fat, lose fat
  • Your food first aid kit
  • Finding the joy
  • Plus my sexy bonus and amazing recipes to boot

Which level best describes you?

Level 1:

  • no regular exercise program
  • much of the day seated or lying down
  • possible pain and/or injury

Level 2:

  • used to work out but not currently or regularly
  • moderately active

Level 3:

  • regularly works out (at least three times a week)
  • active during the day (playing with your kids, garden, go for hikes)
  • under 20 pounds of stubborn fat to lose
  • overall fit and healthy


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