Combinations of nutrients lead to optimal health, period. Why is that? Because the way nutrients work in the body is interconnected. Just as we humans are meant to live together so are certain nutrients. We are still learning what this means for optimal health but there are some standards that are recommended over and over again. Take Vitamin D for instance. Vitamin D loves to be intimate with Magnesium, Vitamin K, Zinc, Boron and Vitamin A. Similarly Vitamin D helps you absorb calcium while iron and magnesium in the same meal act synergistically. One of the things I like to do is make creamy lentil soup with tangy kale strips. It’s love at first sight for sure. Not only does it taste good but it is supporting my body in ways that make sense. I like to use the recipe in my cookbook “Hidden Treasures” when I make this dish for my daughter because I sneak the kale in without her knowing and she eats it right up. You will quickly get in a healthier path by becoming a little more conscious about how foods work more optimally if eaten together and then doing a bit of meal planning around this concept. I enjoy offering meal plans based on this symbiotic food relationship and I am sure you will enjoy preparing them and noticing how your body feels.  
vitamin D and calcium combination of nutrients symbiotic meal plans iron and magnesium

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