I am 100% clear, that when I am ready to be in a serious relationship again, I want to partner with a man who is on a conscious path. There are a lot of things that I find sexy including a big heart, sparkling eyes, muscular forearms, nicely manicured toenails, a rock hard chest, a nice smile, and a winning personality but what turns me on the most is a man that is on a spiritual path, dedicated to his own personal growth. Someone who is aware, remains curious and open, and strives to make conscious choices is a must have in my book. Not that I have to sacrifice this characteristic for the others. I know that I can attract a person who turns me on in all areas and yet I am clear on what tops the list. Why is this you ask? Because I am on a conscious path and as someone on this path, I understand more about what I want and need out of my relationships. What I need is someone who shares my values and wants to work in the same direction that I am headed.

I was in a long term marriage with someone who wasn’t compatible in these areas although I thought he was initially. Time shined a light on the different paths we were on and I became certain that sharing a life with someone who wasn’t in alignment with this journey left me feeling blah in the bedroom and beyond. Because I want to live a delicious life in all areas, I finally found the courage to leave. This has made space for the right person to enter when the time is right. For now, I am enjoy being single focusing on myself, my businesses, and my daughter.

I encourage you to examine how excited and turned on are in relationship to your relationships. If you are on the low half of the spectrum I further invite you to examine why that might be and whether or not you are willing to change.
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