Over the years I have found several companies, products, and plants that I refer people to when they are on the living delicious journey. I only recommend companies that I believe in, weighing out cost and benefit to you. Sometimes I get a referral fee and sometimes I do not. Happy shopping (click on underlined words to access websites)!

1. Supplements – I will be adding to this and right now one of my favorites is Pure Prescriptions. For starters, this is the B12 I recommend and EVERYONE needs B12. 

2. Better sleep – Start off your day right by walking up to a supportive sound. Check out a Zen clock or 

3. Exercise – Best body in motion exercise try out a trampoline for lymphatic circulation and detox. 

4. Water filters – To purify shower or drinking water check out Berkey Water Filters.

5. Skin and hair products – Know what is in your products and avoid those that have artificial chemicals (toxic) by going to theEnvironmental Working Group Database.  

My favorite skincare line is connected to my best practice in nutrition because both the inside and outside of our bodies need maximum nutrition. To learn click here and hit the GenM button. Contact me directly if you want wholesale pricing. 206-499-1791

My favorite hair care product line is Sweet Sisters. I know the owner personally and her artesian nontoxic line is wonderful. 

6. Company Score Card – To learn about how companies are rated to determine who you want to give your money to, check out the Better World Shopping guide. 

7. Essential Oils for Fat Loss –  Oils are great for a whole host of things including improving your indoor air quality, making toothpaste and soaps, and they are especially great for cleaning out the system and losing fat. Click here for the entire kit (recommended), only clinical grade oils on the market, or at a BARE minimum try out just the trim and tone. Call me if you need help ordering or want wholesale pricing. 206-499-1791

8. Essential Oils for Hormone Support – Click here and search for AGX WOMEN OR MEN – DAILY BALANCING BLEND. Contact me for wholesale pricing.

9. Fat Loss – The In and Out Approach to fat loss and maintenance you can find here. Works incredibly well if you follow my instructions as it is based on maximum nutrition that is offered by a plant, not a laboratory, and it works with our bodies natural system. Contact me for wholesale pricing. 

10. Online Shopping –  Check out Thrive for healthy food and Azure if you want to buy in bulk and have amazingly healthy food delivered to your door (join with your neighbors and build with your community while you are at it). 

11. Local Farms – If you want to meet the person that grows your food then go here and search what is near you.  

12. Check out ashwagandha to help with stress, sleep, and overall well-being. This incredible ayurvedic herb is marketed for weight loss as it helps regulate the stress hormone cortisol and really everyone could be taking it to reach any health goal. This variety is sourced incredibly well, offered raw, and mixed with moringa, which is another incredible ayurvedic herb. 

13. Putting candles on your dinner table makes for a lovely meal and connection. If you want a delicious life, it is important to know what you are breathing in, not just what you are eating. Candles made with perfumes and other toxic ingredients will never make it on my favorites list so check out this special candle option. 

14. Check out Aggressively Organics to reduce money spent on food and to keep things simple and local. They offer gardening supplies to grow food in your home year-round major savings to boot. 

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