I admit it! I am a consumer but I am a conscious consumer. Some people think this is an oxymoron and I think it is impossible not to consume. We can consume less and we can consume the best things based on our values but no one living on the planet can have zero consumption habits. The air and water we intake let alone our food, clothes, and basic tools are in fact forms of consumption.

When I make the choice to consume, I typically know what and whom I am impacted via the thing I am intaking, purchasing or pursuing. In fact I love acquiring stuff if it adds to my life in a significant way and doesn’t detract from life thriving in a monumental way. This goes for for the food I enjoy, the clothing I wear, the bike I purchase as well as the furniture and art that occupies my home. 

Being a conscious consumer I like to review what I have purchased over the last year in an attempt to do “more good and less harm” the following year. When I review my cornucopia of consumption I usually start with what I eat because I am a total foodie. I love and enjoy good food to the max. In doing so I realize that one of the things I eat every day are raw organic cashews. I eat them because they are yummy, easy to find at markets and most importantly, they contain the amino acid tryptophan. I have a love affair with tryptophan because it stimulates an increase in the happy hormone serotonin. This is important because it is just plain awesome to feel good. Wouldn’t you agree?

What else do I consume on a daily basis? I eat raw fruits and vegetables as well as the best form of the most nutrient dense plant discovered on Earth. I am aware of the farming practices of most everything I eat. I also drink filtered lemon water each morning to flush out my system. These are my staples. If I get these in, I am feeling pretty good about my daily choices and know that I got the basics down while supporting companies, farmers, and practices that I believe in.  
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