How often do you purchase pre-made food from the grocery store? If you are like me you probably have dabbled in processed food because sometimes it is just so much easier. I know how it can be – our daily life can be complicated and full which makes staying healthy all that more difficult. However, it is totally possible to be busy and still make time to eat the good stuff. It is partly a matter of just getting started and partly a matter of taking small realistic steps that you can do right now. I recommend making a plan of action and then committing it to someone so that you are accountable. For starters you can decide that you are going to start making one thing from scratch instead of buying it in the supermarket. It could be salad dressing, cookies, or even a main entree. The nice thing about making things yourself is that you have control over what ingredients goes into the dish, how it is prepared, and where it is stored. When you have control you can make conscious choices about what you want to put in your body which is extremely empowering and empowerment lends itself to improved health. What are you willing to make this week to begin this process?

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