Many of my clients find it initially difficult to not overeat at the holiday dinner table. I have so been there and yet, I know that it is possible to walk away from the experience feeling satisfied, not stuffed. 

The holiday table is definitely about indulgence for many of us. The challenge isn’t with indulging. The challenge is that many of us put the food before friends and family and walk away feeling uncomfortable or down right painful, because we ate beyond our full point. For many of us, this is an unconscious act, which can make it even more troubling. 

The good news is that there are solutions and you never have to walk away feeling over the top stuffed again. Here are my suggestions to nourishing your body, mind, and soul during this holiday season. 

1. Stay mindful – Say a prayer about your intention around holiday food consumption and then share it with a friend or family.

2. If you enjoy hosting, set the precedent for the types of potluck food that you want to bless your table and request specific dishes from your guests.

4. Breakfast is the bomb! Don’t skip breakfast in order to “save room” for overeating. Instead eat a healthful satisfying breakfast preventing the notion that you are starving and must eat NOW!

5. Set yourself up for success before and after the meal. Eat a large salad before anything else and finish the day by exercising (family dances to the oldies, perhaps?)

The holidays can be yummy even if you choose not to overeat. Focus on connection, the atmosphere, playing your favorite games, and slowing eating your most favorite meals. 

And, if you do end up overeating, don’t stress about it. The stress will do more harm than overeating. Whatever you do, do it consciously and enjoy!

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