While I am not a fast food advocate, I do get that life can sometimes get in the way of making a home cooked meal. Perhaps you are dedicated to watching each one of your kids’ athletic practices and dinner often gets pushed to the side. Perhaps today was a particular long day at work and you are exhausted and can’t even think about what to make. Perhaps you just can’t wait to get home to connect with your man in a juicy way and stopping to make dinner just isn’t going to hack it. I get it! I have been there. 

The good news is that there are healthy alternative to McDonalds and Taco Bell where the food is carefully selected and crafted into a sumptuous offering that will treat your body well.  So go on and have that sexy rendezvous with your partner and leave the cooking to someone else while avoiding the fillers, preservatives, fake meats, and highly processed GMO laden pesticide rich so called “foods”. Here are some suggestions and be sure to find out what else exists in your area that will solve your time problem and give you a quick nutrient-dense food fix to boot. My top picks include:

LAUGHING PLANET CAFE is one of my top favorite places. It can easily serve as fast food but you can also eat in and enjoy a leisurely meal. Stocked full of options for any kind of food plan this restaurant will even cater to picky eaters. A full menu of homemade goodies that will tantalize any taste buds is what awaits you. Smooth smoothies, flavorful soups and salads, b-lovely burritos and bowls as well as moist desserts are all for the taking. So far Laughing Planet cafes are only in Oregon but I have given them the nudge to expand. 

DIG IN serves seasonal food market-style by offering locally sourced and reasonably priced meals. You can make your own plate by picking a base, a protein, and then a few sides such as roasted sweet potatoes and pan-sauteed cauliflower to crunchy summer couscous and kale and rhubarb salad. Dig Inn currently has 11 locations in Manhattan, but may make a nationwide debut soon.

FRESHHI offers a range of made-to-order wraps, bowls, salads, and soups and fresh-pressed juices and smoothies. Yum, yum! Freshii has locations in over 60 cities and 12 countries. They can be found in New York, Texas, Florida, Arizona and California.

SWEET GREEN is the bomb as there menu is filled with organic and locally sourced ingredients. Served fresh you can build your own with a variety of nutrient dense foods that are come in all colors, textures, and tastes. Get ready to fall in love.  Sweetgreen has over 30 locations including multiple spots in D.C., Massachusetts, New York and Virginia.

FRESH and CO. also sources their fruits and veggies from organic, local farms. Their entrees range in flavor from Mediterranean to Asian inspired and you can even go there for breakfast. I especially can’t wait to try their sweet treats like vanilla chia seed pudding, hemp brownies and a raw vegan goji berry protein bar. Fresh & Co has 12 locations in Manhattan with more coming soon!

RODI GRILL has an entire menu that is inspired by Mediterranean cuisine, which has been praised for its heart healthy benefits as well as its ability to boost brain health and aid in weight loss. Their tasty platters will have you thinking you are in Greece so stop by and have an international experience while you are in  Illinois, Virginia, Washington D.C., Maryland and New York.

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