With so much more information “out there” who do you believe? The first step is learning discernment which equals empowerment. One way to become more discerning is by making decisions using all three brains (the head, the heart, and the gut). 

I know you know that the brain plays a role in decision-making but did you know that the heart is an intelligence center as well? The heart is not as mushy and gooey as you may think. Rather it is a complex organ that is intuitive and in fact works with the brain. To become an empowered decision maker we must engage our three brains, starting with the head and the heart. I know when I did this life improved for me in a dramatic way. I didn’t just merely look at information, specifically research, I looked at all aspects of it. I inquire as to who funds the research and what biases the parties involved might have but what happens when we can’t find this out?

At times it is hard to decipher a clear cut path to the truth. Sometimes it requires experimentation and a knowing of what is in alignment with your goals and values. More often than not it includes engaging your three brains to gain access to knowing. Start by sitting silently for 5 minute increments with your hand on your heart and just listen and see what you discover about yourself and the world around you. 

When we are empowered and making decisions that feel in alignment with our value system we come alive and put ourselves on a path to awareness and self respect. A road to deliciousness indeed. After all, who wants to believe untruths? 

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