A term that was created in the 1990’s called Orthorexia Nervosa has been picked up by the big money makers who make a profit when people are unhealthy. In an attempt to undermine the mad rush for food reform, psychiatry with the help of pharmaceutical companies, makers of processed and fake food, and beyond have created a public relations push to turn conscious eaters into sick consumers who need the help of drugs and other unwarranted money making schemes. In other words this new uprising of people who want nutrient-dense, healthful food are being earmarked as having an illness. What a load of crap!!! 

Make no mistake about it….There are a number of people who “eat well” because they are trying to control their weight in a fashion that decreases well-being because they are not experiencing the mental, physical and spiritual freedom that is health. There are also people who bring unneeded stress to their experience as a result of trying to have a perfect diet. I know because I was one of them and yet we are designed to eat foods that are whole, recognizable, and grow out of the ground using the best farm practices. Your desire to be healthy is not a disorder unless you become so obsessed with it or it is causing unnecessary stress leading to disease and unrest. You can determine that if you are really honest with yourself. As for those psychiatrists that buy into this non-sense, just take a look at how humans have eaten for millenarian. Eating fast food, GMO altered ingredients, meals that are prepared and grown without concern for the consequences on human and environmental health is a very recent phenomena and not part of the tradition that cultures around the world have practiced for years. 

The best I felt in my entire life is when I ate a raw vegan organic low fat diet for one month. I had more energy, mental clarity, and creativity than ever before. I felt great, was at a healthy weight and exercise poured out of me versus me having to force myself to move my body. Although there are people who live this way all the time I found it difficult to “be part of society” and maintain this lifestyle so I don’t do it. However, in no way shape or form would I consider my food regime in the mental illness category. In fact I feel much more depressed, lethargic, and worthless when I eat foods that are devoid of nutrients. You only have to experiment with this for a short period of time to find out for yourself. The proof is in the pudding, and that’s chia pudding for all you psychiatrists who think that eating food that is nutrient dense defines a person’s mental status. Let go of allowing your profits to define you, reread the oath you took in medical school, and do what is right by those you serve. 

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