People always ask me what type of “diet” is the best. When I use the word “diet” I don’t mean the kind where you restrict and count calories. I am using it to refer to the style of eating that best describes those things that you habitually consume. 

When people ask me this question I am pretty clear on what I am going to say. As you can imagine, I have strong feelings about this topic and have considered what types are health promoting and what types are illness inducing.  Even though nutritional experts disagree there are some areas of consensus and these are the areas that guide me. What I usually recommend is enhancing the diet one is following. Some things you can try include lowering sugar and avoiding processed sugar all together, lowering meat/fish (grass-fed/wild caught only), consuming lots of raw fruit and vegetables, some seeds, nuts and high quality fat from whole foods while reducing your gluten intake. Out of this list what are those healthy things that you are willing to add to your diet? Perhaps you will start including a small salad with your dinner meal or looking into how the meat you consume is raised and make meal planning decisions accordingly. You may decide that you are going to bake with grade B maple syrup instead of white sugar or you are going to fix your kid an all fruit smoothie as a snack instead of serving store-bought cookies.These small additions add up and make for a healthier body. In time they will equal one big addition which may just look like a total revamp of your eating habits. Either way know that these additions are helping you move in a healthier direction.

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