Since I grew up in Los Angeles and my grandfather was a movie producer I tend to be curious about the celebrity scene, especially when I notice that people use their notoriety to help others or to be a positive role model. It is intriguing that more and more celebrities are eating clean versus advocating crazy weight loss diets. The definition of clean can vary but many of those in the limelight agree that is has everything to do with organic whole foods and less to do with consuming things like highly processed soy, sugar, salt and oils. Gryneth Paltrow encourages eating in season and purchasing food that is grown locally whenever possible. Jessica Alba eats unprocessed fresh foods, Lonneke Engel promotes eating well and living a green lifestyle whereas Miranda Kirr believes that her food cravings went away when she cleaned up her diet. The reasons that these celebs are eating better is mostly a result of life experience. Some where sick as children and where looking for solutions, some struggled with wanting to overeat, some wanted to clear up their skin or support nontoxic farming practices while others buy in as a preventative measure. Whatever their reason, they are certainly on the right track to feeling and looking great. If we are going to follow what others do we might as well pick actions done by those that promote health, well-being, peace, joy, and abundance. I believe my grandfather would agree even though he made the best tasting salad dressing which I am sure had several ingredients that I would never go near now that I know what I know. To eat more like our entertainment industry health experts and less like my grandpa what are you willing to do now? What sort of support do you need to get on this path or to further it along and in what ways will you let me support you?
what do celebrities eat eating for beauty Gryneth Paltrow Jessica Alba Lonneke Engel Miranda Kirr

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