Happy Tasty Tumblr Tuesday!

Today we are talking about how you can be healthy if you hate to cook. 

Check out my video here to learn my #1 tip to adding meaningful nutrition to your meals with little time and money. You will love it and please leave a comment about what you are willing to do now to consume more nutrition even if you hate cooking.

And, believe me, I have so been there and still don’t love to cook. Certain strategies just work. 

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Anonymous asked:

Hi! I wish I could feed lemon water to myself (I’m breast-feeding still) and my daughter! However, she appears to be sensitive to citrus (she appears to get eczema when she eats citrus foods or have derivatives of citrus foods in the items). Do you have anything to say about her sensitivity? I’m interested in whether her condition is “salvagable” (i.e., I hope that she can one day enjoy citrus without getting eczema). Thanks! Sincerely, Teresa

Hi Teresa, I am so glad you reached out. I was a breastfeeding mama once so I really get it. What a wonderful gift to your child:). 

Several possible reasons. For starters, do you buy organic citrus and if so what store is it purchased at? 

Yes, her “sensitivity” is salvageable. Looking forward to hearing from you. Best, Gina

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