Got A Picky Eater?

You have landed on this page either because you bought the book or you are looking for picky eater solutions. I thank you if your reason is the former, and I encourage you to go to my facebook page where I am building community around this and other health issue. The rest of you can keep on reading or enter your information to the right to get solutions right away.

Isn’t it incredibly frustrating to have a picky eater? You slave away making a healthy meal only to discover that your kid or partner won’t eat it let alone try it. Then the worry sets in and you think, “How is my family going to be healthy now AND in the future if they won’t eat good nutrition?”

I have so been there.  I know what you experience day in and day out. I know that you have spent time, energy, and money cooking lovely meals for your family that they won’t eat. You do this out of love and care and yet it sucks doesn’t it?

I have a sixteen-year-old daughter who is a former picky eater and I was married to one too. The first four years of her life she was happy eating a variety of colored vegetables and other growing foods. When she began to be exposed to a broader diversity of people and situations, her eating habits began to change. She no longer wanted to eat the variety of nutrient-dense foods, as the allure of highly processed, sugar laden items was more enticing and addictive. She slowly but steadily began rejecting many of the wonderful foods she had eaten for years and yearned to eat what others packed in their lunches.

Since I don’t believe in forcing children, or anyone, to eat a certain quantity or type of food and because I want mealtimes to be easy and joyful, I got creative and began coming up with strategies that would insure that my child was healthy. I would love to share those with you to your picky eaters to eat well too.

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Got a Picky Eater?

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