Love Being in Your Body™

3 month group coaching program

Do you have a physical, emotional or spiritual ailment you want to heal or prevent? Perhaps you are overweight? Perhaps you have brain fog? Perhaps you have low energy or pain in your joints? My simple strategies and solutions will help you love being in your body so that you love looking in the mirror, have energy, clarity, and move easily ultimately helping your body regardless of your ailments, do it’s job…Heal. 

First step: Fully inhabit your body. 

Second step: Learn what your body needs to feel great through spiritual nutrition™, conscious movement, and conscious living strategies

Third step: Take positive actions to help your body do its job…HEAL!

Outcome: Love Being in Your Body and Ignite Your Healing Powers 


  • Weekly group STOP THE STRUGGLE NOW! video calls (recorded for reviewing later) – 10 sessions valued at $1500
  • 30-minute individual post program follow-up session – valued at $75
  • Spiritual Nutrition and recipes to support your physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies
  • Conscious movement video – embodiment for maximum healing
  • Mindset reprogramming to ignite your self love and ideal life
  • Innovative strategies to boost your immune system


    Total Value: $1,875

    Regular Price: $129/month for 3 months

    Early Bird Special: $99 per month for 3 months if you sign up by March 13th – savings of $90.

    Once you will pay you will get an email on April 13th with all the class details and the program will begin.

“Finally, I’ve met someone who combines science with experience, education, and wisdom to offer me a new way of looking at my health. Gina’s approach is just what I needed: knowledge and explanation, accountability without shame, and numerous ‘tools’ to help me along the way. I love that she focuses on the whole person, not just what we eat and drink. Gina’s approach makes sense, and she has helped me tremendously. Her retreat was the jumpstart I needed, and her personal coaching has already changed my mindset and my nutrition. I am on a healthier path, both physically and mentally. ” – Karyle Kramer, Mom and Teacher

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